All the More Reason to Not Use Internet Explorer


What is the problem?

The security firm FireEye has announced that there is a bug that affects over 25% of all internet users. This bug affects Internet Explorer 6 through 11 and is especially targeting those with the latest three versions. The exploit works by the hackers installing malicious links across the internet with infected attachments. When a user clicks on one of these bad links, the exploit is automatically installed and allows the assailants to enter their PC and pose as the user. This bug is especially effective if the user is also an administrator on their PC. This allows the hackers to do a wider variety of actions with their victim’s computer.

What does this mean for you?

This bug is what is called a “zero day” bug. This means that the attacks happened before Microsoft was aware of the issues. This means that until a patch can be released, Microsoft (As well as Homeland Security!) has urged people to immediately stop using the browser. Instead of this browser, here at Computer Exchange we are recommending that you use an alternative sch as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can safely download these HERE. Installing and using these browsers in place of Internet Explorer will prevent you from becoming a victim of this bug.

Worse News for XP Users!

Earlier this month, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. Due to this bug being discovered after the end of life date of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will likely not release a fix for XP. Therefore, it is no longer safe to use Internet Explorer in conjunction with the XP. If this changes we will keep you updated. If you are one of those still using a computer with Windows XP. Check out some of our hand-built, custom computers! You can find some of our specials to help you upgrade and save money HERE.


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