Microsoft Office Alternative- Pros

At some point or another, we all have to use office suite software. By far the most common office suite is Microsoft Office, but the cost for even the most basic version is significant. In comes Open Office to save the day. Open Office is open-source office software that that has all of the functionality of Microsoft Office at a much lower price. How much lower? Try free on for size. That’s right, you get all of the document processing and spreadsheet goodness with enough money left over to get that cracked cellphone screen replaced. Originally released in 2002 by Sun Microsystems, it has gone through quite a few revisions before being acquired by Apache in 2012. The latest version is fully capable of opening and editing Microsoft Office files, making Open Office incredibly functional and convenient. You can even save your Open Office documents with Microsoft Office file extensions, so they can be opened by the folks who shelled out a fortune for Microsoft Office. Adjusting from Microsoft Office to Open Office is fairly painless. If you’ve used one, you can use the other with minimal confusion. Since Open Office is free, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out for yourself. We’ve been pre-installing it on our custom built computers for years now.

You can get Open Office a few ways-