Where Do You Buy Your Technology Products?

Technology is everywhere and affects every aspect of our lives. Our cell phones have more computing power then the first space shuttles. Our toasters and toothbrushes are digital, and our tools and toys were science fiction 20 years ago.

This technology has the ability to make our lives easier and even more fulfilling. It can connect us with lost friends from the past and can allow citizens of a country to topple their dictators. It can also make grown men cry and calm women throw violent temper tantrums. Technology can, of course be used for good or evil in equal proportions… but first….. you have to be able to use it.

Unless you have your own IT department to help you, not only do you have to purchase your devices, but you have to lean how they operate on your own.


The Central Piece of Technology and Where to Buy It

You may own a tablet for sales presentations, you phone may be very smart and your car might have a GPS system, but most of the time, the centerpiece of your technology infrastructure will be a computer. If you are writing a book, designing a bridge or drafting a legal document, you need a computer with a keyboard and a mouse. Ok… so do you go to Walmart to buy this device? Are they qualified to sell it to you? Does it even matter? Yes… It matters…. A lot… What if you use a specialty program that will only run on a 32 bit operating system? The sales staff at most stores don’t even know the difference. Who will transfer your Quickbooks files from one computer to the other and convert your Outlook Email into a new format or sell you the correct software to make it seamless. We see mistakes in these areas every single day at all of our stores. Because Computer Exchange is the place where people go when they need these problems resolved.

Do yourself and your business a favor. Come see Computer Exchange first or have us come to you. The first Audit is free and takes very little of your time. We will find out a few things about how you do business, then we will tell you how to make things not only work, but work better, faster and safer at a fraction of the cost of these so called IT master companies. In our experience, they are extremely overpriced, arrogant and care little for anything but billable hours.

At Computer Exchange, we are a dedicated staff of 25 people that treat people with respect whether you are a single individual with a small problem or a company of 85 people that needs help migrating from a very old, antiquated program that required a complex database conversion that, again we did for less than two thousand dollars. The next nearest quote was almost $50,000. I can provide anyone interested with factual, real case studies of real customers. We have been doing this for 17 years and we are very good at what we do and we do a wide variety of things related to technology that no one else does.

I am Charles Kelly, founder of Computer Exchange and I make myself available to our customers on a daily basis. We don’t hide behind our technology, we help people make sense of an increasingly complex technological world. We can help you take advantage of the technology that you may even be afraid of. Be not afriad…. Call Computer Exchange and let us help you be the winner in your field, because often the best, thoughtful use of technology will help you win the day.

Computer Exchange… Starting with better components, a better staff, and ending with better computers wrapped in absolutely better customer service. We are Computer Exchange… Your Neighborhood Computer Store. Come visit us or let us come visit you.